Plug & play

Integrate our e-commerce functionality into
your app to sell the world’s biggest brands


Benefit from e-commerce without the logistical barriers of holding stock, order fulfilment or customer support

A powerful revenue-generating platform 

We have thousands of APIs that automatically connect into brands' inventory systems to ensure real-time information for every product e.g. sizing, stock, images, reviews

Curate your store with instant access to products

Integrate your own products, understand your true e-commerce value to sponsors and increase in-app advertising opportunities

Add merch, sponsor products/services & ads


Why add MoShoppa
to your fan engagement app?

All transactions take place on the app, reducing drop-off risk associated with standard, deep-linking affiliate marketing relationships

Control the entire
user journey

Our multi-brand checkout allows for different brands to be purchased in one transaction and our tech then informs each individual brand to deliver directly to your customers

Exceptional infrastructure for a seamless user XP

Integrate a loyalty scheme for exclusive deals and use the store as a key talking point for ongoing content and comms

Fan loyalty & engagement


A tailored end-to-end e-commerce service
for your app's e-commerce module

MoShoppa handles every aspect of the e-commerce module on your app, including the shop build, brand relationships, inventory management & customer support:

  • Choose the brands and products for your curated store

  • Align shop design with app's brand guidelines

  • Integrate SSO APIs with localised parameters

  • Create content around products

  • Promote store via marketing channels

  • Earn commission from the world's top brands

  • Multi-brand checkout for a seamless user experience 

  • Real-time data analytics to inform business decisions

  • Increase in-app advertising and sponsorship opportunities

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